• New organist Tim Brumfield

    New organist Tim Brumfield
  • Simple Gifts in Big Church
    Simple Gifts in Big Church
  • Youth Trip to Kanuga
    Youth Trip to Kanuga
  • Kanuga Praise Band
    Kanuga Praise Band
  • Honoring Norma
    Honoring Norma
  • Preaching on the Beach
    Preaching on the Beach
  • Beach Baptism in Boca
    Beach Baptism in Boca
  • Simple Gifts musicians
    Simple Gifts musicians
  • Palm Sunday
    Palm Sunday
  • Children's Choir
    Children's Choir
  • Walking the Labyrinth
    Walking the Labyrinth
  • Ashes to Go
    Ashes to Go
  • Women's Lenten Retreat
    Women's Lenten Retreat
  • Children's Choir directors
    Children's Choir directors
  • Church
    Church "brothers" working together
  • Young violin virtuoso
    Young violin virtuoso
  • Christmas Present: Candle Light
    Christmas Present: Candle Light
  • Marching to the Beach
    Marching to the Beach
  • Baptizing a Baby in the Ocean
    Baptizing a Baby in the Ocean
  • Bishop Schori Blesses Mazie
    Bishop Schori Blesses Mazie

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