Our mission

Our mission is to transform hearts and our community through Jesus’ love. 

We are diverse in thought, traditional in worship, and dynamic in love—a church of the past, present, and future. We have are passionate about serving the needs of our greater community and taking care of those in need and drawing them closer to God’s love. We are compassionate in our efforts to feed our community and combat the hunger crisis. God has called us to serve in global ministry through intensive ministry focus in areas such as Haiti and Madagascar. We are more than 1,100 members strong devoted to Loving God in all that we do and loving all people every way that we can.


The vision of St. Gregory’s is a church thriving in God’s love in Jesus Christ and faithfully pursuing this mission by:

• Celebrating God’s love in worship that shapes hearts, challenges minds and renews lives.
• Sharing God’s love by caring for each other and all in need with the relentless compassion of Christ.
• Growing in God’s love through a commitment to Christian formation for all ages.
• Spreading God’s love with an unconditional welcome to all God’s children.


Christ’s perfect living example of love is all that we embrace and embody as a church family. At St. Gregory’s we believe everyone is wonderfully created by God and that everyone is welcome to worship and experience God in unity with others. We are an inclusive community of followers in Christ. St. Gregory’s is a place of openness and inclusion for all!